Shell Necklaces and Leis

Some of the necklaces here are made to order, and can be customized to various lengths, please specify a length when ordering. Many of the necklaces that are one of a kind could be made in different styles or lengths. Feel free to contact us with any custom orders.

Cowrie Shell Necklace Sterling Silver Kahelelani Shell Jewelry


This Granulated Cowrie shell was hand picked from the Northern beaches of Kauai Hawaii. This type of Cowrie shell is only found in Hawaii and is uncommon along the beaches. It has been set with sterling silver wire and strung with authentic Kahelelani shells also hand picked on Kauai..
Hawaiian Cowrie Shell Necklace Rare Niihau Shell Jewelry

Burgundy Center Hawaiian Kahelelani Shell Necklace


This is a single strand herringbone lei featuring a variegated band of the rare burgundy colored shells in the center. This is a soft, comfortable, durable necklace that represents the beauty of our Oceans as well as a dying tradition and art form.
hawaiian shell necklace kahelelani shell burgundy center herringbone lei

Kahelelani Shell Choker – 14″ Hawaiian OOAK Rare Tiny Shell Necklace


This necklace is a short, choker length, ideal for showing off these rare colored shells and every day wear. We used many of the rarest colors in this lei including grey, gold, white, red, and pink. We hand pick all of our shells on the pristine Northern beaches of Kauai, Hawaii.
Kahelelani Shell Necklace Hawaiian Niihau Shell Jewelry

Kauai Seashell Pendant Hawaiian Kahelelani Necklace


This necklace features a gorgeous, rare Nassarius (Hima) crenulicostatus shell in the center. This shell was found on the Northern beaches of Kauai, Hawaii. The subtle skin tones of the shell blend beautifully with the Kauai Kahelelani shells it is strung with. The shells are strung in the traditional Niihau herringbone pattern.
shell necklace hawaiian kauai seashell

Pink and Burgundy Kahelelani Shell Herringbone Necklace – Rare Colors


This necklace uses some of the hard to find burgundy and pink Kahelelani shells in a variegated pattern showing off these vibrant, rare colors. We hand pick each shell from the Northern shores of Kauai, Hawaii, and hand drill them. This variegated look compliments many skin tones and is very versatile.
niihau shell necklace

AA Grade Sunrise Shell Necklace – Kauai – Double Strand Kauai Kahelelani Shell and Sunrise


This brilliant Kauai Sunrise shell is strung on two herringbone strands of AA Grade Kahelelani shells featuring some rare pink and burgundy colors.
Sunrise shell Necklace Kauai Sunrise

4 Strand Rope Kahelelani Shell Lei – 21″ – Hawaiian – Rare AAA Grade


This is a four strand Hawaiian Kahelelani shell Rope Lei, featuring many of the rare pinks and reds, done in the traditional Niihau style. This is a great collector’s piece that will continue to hold and gain in value.
Kahelelani Niihau Shells from Kauai Pink Red and Speckled Four Strand Lei

AAA Collector’s Hawaiian Kahelelani Shell Necklace 4 Strand Rope Heirloom “Patience”


This lei, appropriately named Patience, is fit for the Ali’i (royalty). It is comprised of four colorful strands of small sized Kahelelani shells, all hand picked from the Northern beaches of Kauai, Hawaii. Each shell in this lei has been sorted carefully and double checked for any imperfections that would make it unusable. 23.5″
Hawaiian Niihau shell jewelry kauai Kahelelani shell necklace

Hawaiian Puka Shell Necklace White Kauai Cone Shells Puka Shells 16.5″


This Hawaiian Puka shell lei features exquisite Cone and Puka shells from the beaches of Kauai in a rainbow of soft pastel hues. It’s sturdy comfortable weight combined with the shells’ cool smooth feel will truly bring the mana of the ocean to your neck.
hawaiian puka shell necklace kauai puka cone shell jewelry

AAA Grade Hawaiian Heleconia Shell Necklace Collector’s Item


This is a Museum Quality Kahelelani Shell Heleconia Lei with AAA Grade Momi and Kahelelani Shells from Kauai. This piece features brilliant Red and Brown hues in some of the rarest colored shells.
niihau kahelelani and momi shell necklace

Hawaiian Shell Necklace Kauai Kahelelani Cone and Puka Shell Lei Unique Hawaii Jewelry


This very unique design incorporates White Hawaiian Cone and Puka shells with a dainty Herringbone strand of Kauai Kahelelani Shells. All the shells are hand picked from the pristine Northern beaches of Kauai.
Puka Shell Necklace Hawaiian Shell Jewelry Kahelelani Shell

5 Strand Hawaiian Kahelelani Shell Necklace


This lei is comprised of five high quality strands of Kauai Kahelelani shells. Some of the rare white and pink shells are featured throughout in a flattering, gradient pattern. This necklace can be worn twisted or untwisted for varying lengths and styles. Length: 21″.
kauai seashell niihau jewelry

Kahelelani Shells with Peridot Necklace


This necklace uses high quality Kahelelani shells with small chips of Peridot. We picked each shell from the Northern beaches of Kauai and hand drilled a hole in each one after carefully sorting them by size, color, and quality.

Kahelelani Shells with Garnet Necklace


This necklace uses high quality Kahelelani shells with pieces of real garnet to create a very elegant, classy look. We picked each shell from the Northern beaches of Kauai and hand drilled a hole in each one
garnet necklace hawaiian seashell kahelelani niihau shells kauai hawaii jewelry

Light Pink Kauai Kahelelani Shell Necklace


This necklace uses the very rare and valuable Kahelelani shells, strung in a simple yet intriguing way that is comfortable and versatile.